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Tana Lea is an extraordinary redhead with such amazing tits. This American started in the porn industry in 2015 and managed to win over the hearts of thousands of people across the globe. It’s no wonder she made such incredible results with her seductive hair, unbelievable tits, lots of sexy tattoos and attitude of a dominant woman. She has green eyes, is 162 cm tall and is still active in the porn industry. She’s got a couple of aliases like Kennedy Blake. This beauty was born in 1988 in Austin, Texas. She has done lots of porn videos in her career and she wasn’t particularly picky when it comes to what kind of porn she wants to make. She did a lot of videos in which she acts as a dominant female, whether dressed as a cop or a dirty nurse. Check her out an see why she’s one of the most exciting pornstars ever.

Height: 171 cm, Weight: 57 kg, Born: 03/09/1988, Birthplace: Texas, United States.

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