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Tory Lane is not for everyone, she is only for the ones who can handle a bad ass hot babe. Tory Lane was born Lisa Nicole Piasecki in the most bad ass state Florida, well maybe not the most bad ass state, but at least a bad ass state. She was born in 1982 and I like to call her the boss of the porn. “Don’t fuck with me. ” could pretty well define Tory’s personality and way of life. Her career is pretty well linked with the hardcore style and sometimes she is doing dominatrix with no mercy, other times she is a horny sex slave ready for pain and cum. Tory started as a Hooters girl and back then she realized her power over men, that was her during her college days. Soon she stated doing exotic dancing and a friend convinced her to enter the porn industry. She has done more than 250 scenes in all styles, mainly POV, anal, gonzo and BDSM. Although she has a great career, she only won two awards so far, the best group sex scene in 2010 and the best POV in 2009. She deserved a lot more than that, in my opinion.

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